Kính hiển vi soi ngược model ECLIPSE MA200

Kính hiển vi soi ngược model ECLIPSE MA200

Kính hiển vi soi ngược model ECLIPSE MA200 là một kính hiển vi linh hoạt, mô-đun, đảo ngược, có thiết kế hộp sáng tạo cho các kỹ thuật kiểm tra độ tương phản quang học theo từng đợt kết hợp với các phụ kiện hình ảnh kỹ thuật số. Nó lý tưởng cho việc kiểm tra vật liệu luyện kim trong nhiều ứng dụng công nghiệp.

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Nikon’s Most Advanced, Modular, Ergonomic, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Superb Nikon CFI60-2 optics provide excellent images to both eyepieces and to Nikon’s digital imaging cameras with analysis software. The universal microscope design allows complementary optical contrast techniques together on one microscope stand thanks to a modular component programme.


Inverted microscope with episcopic illumination for inspection of industrial materials and components as well as for research and development.

Nikon CFI60-2 Optical Series

Nikon’s innovative design enables clear, high contrast brightfield, darkfield, polarisation (POL), differential interference contrast (DIC) and optical contrast imaging techniques.

Nikon Digital Sight Cameras

All Nikon’s Digital Sight cameras can capture images of a sample and deliver them to the image processing software of the NIS-Elements suite, together with microscope data on the objective lens used, intermediate magnification changer and light intensity.

Product Highlights

Universal Optical Contrast Methods

Reflected light: brightfield, darkfield, polarising (POL) and differential interference contrast (DIC) without the need for sample levelling due to the inverted microscope design.

Modular Component Accessories

From lamphouse to eyepieces, components are selected to match every user’s application, including lamphouses, stages, objectives, nosepieces, optical heads, eyepieces, digital cameras, filters and contrast technique accessories.

Intelligent Digital Communication

The MA200 detects objective lens value, magnification changer position and light intensity via Nikon software. Remote control of motorised nosepiece and light intensity is also possible.

Ergonomic Design Concept

Optimal positioning of operator controls and a variable angle eye-tube allow fatigue-free work.

Utilising a compact and efficient stand design, samples are observed without the need for pre-levelling.